Cardiac Profiles Announces Collaboration with Mayo Clinic to Develop Next Generation Clinical Grade, Consumer Accessible Cardiovascular Monitoring Technology - PRWirePro

Mobile monitor to enable new era in Hospital-to-Home management of heart failure FRANKLIN, Tennessee, February 21, 2019 — Cardiac Profiles, Inc., developer of the FloWave®, a mobile hemodynamic diagnostic and monitoring technology, today announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to develop diagnostic and clinical decision support protocols leveraging the FloWave®’s unique hemodynamic cardiac profile to enable hospital-to-home management of heart failure. The FloWave® has been demonstrated to assess concurrent measures of cardiac preload, contractility and afterload, with specific measures of stroke volume, cardiac output and ejection fraction. These metrics have the potential to reduce hospitalizations for heart failure and improve quality of life. Several companies are now marketing simple single lead ECG devices as standalone products or integrated in smart watches. The introduction of these consumer accessible, clinical grade devices is accelerating the pace of innovation


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